EGODRIFT TENGU 4530HT / 510KV (12-14S) (55mm shaft)

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Manufacturer: EGODRIFT

EGODRIFT Tengu high-performance brushless motor for RC Heli are the result of one year of development and testing. The 4530HT Tengu comes with a kV rating of 510kV and fits all 700-800mm class helicopters, such as the XLPower Spectre 700, SAB Goblin 700-770, Quest Impaction, Align T-Rex 700-800, Mikado 700 or Gaui 700 (and various other models).

All CNC parts are processed in our EGODRIFT factory on our Japanese Tsugami precision CNC machines for the utmost in precision and quality. We apply the same high standards to all other components used in the making of this motor, so it features EZO bearings, a custom made stator and special high temperature copper wire.

55mm shaft is for Align, Mikado, Gaui helicopters

Stator size: 4530

Motor configuration: 12N10P
Motor weight: 525g (17.25oz)
Base Colour: Black
Wire colour: Copper
Motor wire type: High temperature copper wire
Motor wire: 1.4mm
Motor shaft: Hardened Steel
Shaft diameter: 6.0 mm
LiPo cells: 12S, 14S
Motor kV: 510 kV
Stator diameter: 45 mm
Stator height: 30 mm
Stator lamination: 0.15 mm (+)
Body Length: 60.58mm (2.39 inch)
Diameter: 56.40 mm (2.22 inch)
Screw hole diameter: 4,0 mm
Motor hole pattern: 30mm
Idle current: 4.8A
Maximum Current: 145A (Peak: 265A / 2 seconds)
Maximum Power: 6960W (Peak: 13300W / 2 seconds)
Internal resistance: 9.9 mOhm
Connection: Wire / Gold plated plugs
Designer: Yutao Zou

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