DS815 Digital Servo HSD81501

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Characteris Tic: Soft Start
Rating Voltage:DC4.8~7.4V
Temperature Range:-20℃~60℃(-20°~140℉)
Operating Range:540°(1000~2000us)
Broadband Systems:1500μs
Stall Torque:15kg.cm(4.8V)
Stall Torque:18kg.cm(6V)
Stall Torque:20kg.cm(7.4V)
Motion Speed:0.15sec/60°(4.8V)
Motion Speed:0. 13sec/60°(6V)
Motion Speed:0.11sec/60°(7.4V)

DS815 Digital Servo x 1
Carbon Servo Platex 4
Socket button head screw x 1(M3x6mm)
Socket button head screw x 4(M2.5x12mm)
Socket button head tapping screw × 4(T2.6x12mm)

Instructions: Utilizes 540 degrees DS815 high voltage robotic servos, supporting 2s 7.4v input voltage. Special slow start feature to avoid jerky start-ups. Hardened high strength super alloy gears that increase the lifetime. Aluminum alloy mid case construction for instantaneous heat dissipation, maintaining servo’s high efficiency. Use for G800 Aerial Gimbal System.

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