700 CCPM Metal Swashplate H70H005XXW

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Replaced by HE1H005XX

●CCPM metal swashplate x 1
●Bearing(6706ZZ) x 2(Φ30xΦ37x4mm)
●Linkage Ball B(M3x4) x 5(Φ5x12mm)
●Φ5 Linkage Ball D(M3x3.5) x 2(Φ5x9.3mm)
●Φ5 Long linkage Ball(M3x4) × 1(Φ5x28mm)

●Specially designed for both DFC and FL flybarless rotor head system, improving linkage rod connection strength and minimizing detachment during extreme flight maneuvers.
●Two ball attachment points allowing pilot to choose between higher control resolution or faster maneuver response.
●6061-T6 Aluminum alloy material and CNC processed。
●Suitable for T-REX 700/760/800.

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