RCE-BL50X Brushless ESC HES50X01

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●Contimuous current: 50A
●Surge current: 70A
●Supporting motor types: 2 poles to 10+poles in/outrunner brushless motors
●Supporting maximum RPM: 2 poles=>190,000rpm
●Supporting maximum RPM: 6 poles=>63,000rpm
●Supporting input voltage: 2S~6S
●Supporting battery types: Li-ion/ Li-poly 2~6 cells
●BEC output: 5~6V,current 3A
●Size: 66X32X18.5mm
●Weight: Approx. 62g
●ALIGN standard 3mm socket terminal X3pcs(Max. current 50A)
●Heat shrink tube x 3 PCS(Φ4x25mm)

Feature: ●BEC output voltage(5~8.4V) to show great performance on the torque & speed of servo. ●BEC output utilizing switching power system,suitable for 2S~6S Li battery,with continuous current rating of 3A,and burst rating of 6A. ●Three programmable throttle speed settings to support quick throttle response. ●Govener Mode(governor speed controller、slow down system). ●Small and compact PCB design for ease of installation. ●Large heatsink for great thermal performance. ●High compatibility to work with 98% brushless motors in the market. ●Ultra smooth motor start design to run with all kinds of brushless motors. ●The power inlet adapts Japanese made "Low ESR" capacitor in order to provide stable power source. ●Users can use the transmitter to operate the motor setting by Super stylized CPU.

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