SE Main Frame Set/Silver HS1137-75

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90% assembled by Align.Use for T-REX 450X/XL/SE
CNC 3K carbon fiber main frame
CNC aluminum motor mount
CNC aluminum battery mount and receiver mount
CNC aluminum frame mounting bolt
CNC aluminum washer
PA fiber bearing case
Including bearings for main shaft
Including tail drive gear assembly
Including anti rotation bracket
Including linkage rod setX3

●Weight:90.6g ●Carbon upper frame x 2 ●Carbon lower frame x 2 ●3K Carbon battery mounting plate x 1 ●Aluminum battery mount x 1 ●Aluminum link x 10(Φ5XΦ2X7.5mm) ●Aluminum bolt x 2 ●Canopy mounting bolt x 2 ●M2 special washer x 40(Φ2xΦ5x2mm) ●Metal main shaft mount x 2 ●Bearing 685ZZ x 2(Φ5×Φ11×5mm) ●Metal motor mount x 1 ●Plastic nut x 6 ●Metal tail boom stiffener(L) x 1 ●Metal tail boom stiffener(R) x 1 ●Metal upper bearing case x 1 ●Metal lower bearing case x 1 ●Aluminum bolt x 4 ●Bottom plate x 1 ●Anti rotation bracket x 1 ●Bracket washer x 2 ●Cross screw x 3(M2x4mm) ●Socket button head screw x 4(M2x4mm) ●Socket button head screw x 26(M2x6mm) ●Socket button head screw x 10(M2x14mm) ●Socket button head screw x 6(M2x6mm) ●Socket button head screw x 10(M2x8mm) ●Collar screw x 2(M2x9mm) ●Linkage rod(M) x 1(Φ1.3X19mm) ●Linkage rod(N) x 1(Φ1.3X33mm) ●Linkage rod(O) x 1(Φ1.3X28mm) ●Sall link(Long) x 6 ●Tail drive gear assembly x 1 Parts bag x 1 Including: ●M2 special washer x 1(Φ2xΦ5x2mm) ●Washer x 2(Φ2.6) ●Aluminum bolt x 2 ●Socket screw x 2(M2.6x6mm) ●Socket button head screw x 1(M2x4mm) ●Socket button head screw x 2(M2x6mm) ●Socket button head screw x 2(M2x14mm) ●Socket button head screw x 1(M2x6mm)

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